14 Luglio 2020

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DELTACQUE  performs with success since almost 40 years as "Design and trading of purification plants with assembling assistance and start-up training, as well as subsequent technical servicing even on a regular basis. Trading of machinery for the construction of purification plants."


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Presentation of the Caravan RC Plant

01-04-2020 11:23 Source: yadi.sk - Depuration news
Another plant designed and commissioned by DeltAcque. We are talking about the plant of the Caravan RC tannery, specific for the treatment of liming baths containing sulphides which will ensure compliance with the discharge limits relating to sulphides.
The project foresees the specific treatment of liming water with the reduction to a minimum of foul-smelling emissions mainly due to the presence of sulphides: all this with a wide flexibility of the system that allows you to manage any malfunctions or emergency situations.


23-03-2020 18:38 - Events
In compliance with the Ministerial provisions, our offices will be temporarily closed to the public until further communications.

For any need we will be present through our Mail contacts and at the office number maintaining continuity in the service as much as possible.

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Quality Certification

On 2016/10/19 Deltacque Srl obtained the certification of the company quality system UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, in order to guarantee the monitoring of the control of the various activities indicated in its quality documents (manuals, procedures, instructions, etc.).

On 2019/10/08 Deltacque Srl obtained the renewal the certification of the company quality system UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, received in 2016.

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