22 Maggio 2019

DeltAcque s.r.l. - waste water treatment plants consulting and commissioning


DELTACQUE  performs with success since almost 40 years as "Design and trading of purification plants with assembling assistance and start-up training, as well as subsequent technical servicing even on a regular basis. Trading of machinery for the construction of purification plants."


Four Ethiopian Tanneries Upgrade Water Treatment Systems

03-05-2019 10:48 Source: www.laconceria.it, addisfortune.news - Depuration news
[DeltAcque, Ethiopia]
DeltAcque is happy to announce that four tanneries operating in Ethiopia, Abyssinia, Awash, Batu and New Wing tanneries, completed the construction of secondary water treatment plants in a bid to bring their discharged effluent up to an environmentally acceptable level. Another three tanneries are also in the process of installing wastewater treatment plants. As reported on AddisFortune.news and www.laconceria.it also tannery, Addis Abeba Tannery, is in the piloting stage of such a treatment plant, while Wallia Tannery is undergoing construction of its treatment facility and Dire Tannery aw...

Study on the Recycling Technology of Unhairing-Liming and Tanning Wastewater

02-05-2019 10:48 Source: Arsutoria tannery - Depuration news
In the Arsutoria tannery magazine an article was published concerning the study of effluent recycling technology from unhairing-liming and tanning processes, which supports the DeltAcque philosophy. The research was conducted by a group of Chinese researchers and presented at the XXXIV Iultics Congress, Chennai (India) on 5th-8th February 2017.
The recycling technology is one of the most important ways to realize the lean production in leather industry. In this study, a novel closed recycling technology of unhairing-liming and chrome tanning wastewater has been applied in mass production sca...

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