29 Novembre 2020

Sales and Assistance

Roberto Lupo deltacque
Deltacque has been cooperating for many years with the most well-known producers of machinery for the water treatment. This cooperation allows Deltacque to supply big and small plants, assuring reliability, efficiency and a guaranteed product during the years.
Deltacque supply a lot of different products, as enumerate below:
Process machinery;
Control equipment;
Hydraulic lines;
Electrical components;
Operating logics and supervision;
Laboratory equipment;

Deltacque also provides a after-sale assistance, giving to the customer technical advice and plant staff training. This training gives to the staff the means and the knowledge for a independent management.
The technical assistance foresees the intervention of Deltacque technicians directly on the spot and the monitoring with laboratory analytical controls. Furthermore, the filling of a three-monthly report from the customer allow us to check the efficiency of the plant and apply the appropriate interventions.

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