20 Aprile 2024


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The SINCERO project aims to bring a profound innovation in the tanning industry, transforming a very ancient process and a traditionalist world into an intelligent factory thanks to the implementation of technological innovations related to Industry 4.0.

The objective is to transform the traditional systems of tanneries (ie drums) into modern, interconnected, dynamic and intelligent systems: thanks to the introduction of sensor systems, these innovative systems will "self-manage" and "self-regulate" thanks to an intelligence artificial which will be able to "implement" interventions on the process based on what is read by the monitoring sensors.
The SINCERO project will allow the implementation of a series of technological solutions and automatic control and actuation systems in the leather processing drums, that will make controllable the process in real-time, also remotely, allowing to optimize the operating conditions of the process and the chemicals of reaction baths.

Partner Deltacque budget = € 373.602,30
Co-financing received by the partner Deltacque from the Tuscany Region = € 168.121,04


DELTACQUE srl (leader)
FILDROP s.r.l.
LABORATORI ARCHA srl (subcontractor)

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