03 Aprile 2020
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S.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche projects, builds and installs auxiliary systems and equipment for several industrial sector, in particular way: tannery machine and depuration plant.
The firm, that has been working since half ´80s, directs its production towards two particular objectives, representing the main demands of industrial world:
- Environmental protection
- Safety in working places.
Fildrop designs and manufactures filtration of zeolites, activated carbon adsorbers, sand filtration, membrane systems such as ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or reverse osmosis desalination plants for both primary water (rivers, lakes, wells and sea) and for waste water from industrial and ecological processes such as biological treatment plants and chemical and physical.
Ingegno started as a freelance company in 2006 and in 2013 became an engineering company.
The experience gained over the years and the will of the two young partners, has allowed us to create the Ingegno P & C S.r.l.
The company is composed of a team of professionals operating in the industrial, energy, environmental and safety sectors and provides customers with the best solutions in respect of environmental quality, primary resource savings and safety, all aiming at the constant improvement of the standard quality of the services offered.
HÜNI Italia S.r.l.
Hüni has been in the Tannery business since 1728. Hüni Tannery has been existing and Tanning on the lake of Zurich in Switzerland until the late 1960’s. Then the company was transformed in supplying Process Control equipment to the Tanning industry. After enormous success and hundreds of automated drums in a few years only next logical step followed in order to be an even better solution provider - wooden Drum production was started in 1988 followed then in 2003 with the production of PPH drums.

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