20 Aprile 2024
Tannery wastewater treatment plant

Tannery wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment plant for tanning industry Wastewater treatment plant for tanning industry
The tanning companies utilize particular processes that require the mechanical and chemical intervention, to develop the technical characteristic consistent to the use and durability for a long period.
The main interventions are:
- Leather cleaning;
- Soaking, obtained through the help of digestive products;
- Hair elimination to make visible the below part, the derma, that represents the useful product for us;
- Liming, effected with chemicals and mechanical action;
- Fleshing to eliminate the below material of the leather identified by thickness and excessive fats;
- Tanning that gives, thanks to the use of chemicals, the steadiness to a product that, without a proper treatment, tends to quickly degrade;
- Shaving that gives thickness uniformity and cleaning to the leather through a mechanical process, making it similar to a fabric (for its touch feeling and handiness) and easily usable;
- Dying, finishing that provide the aesthetic characteristic exalting the physical qualities of the leather.

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Tanning industries wastewater treatment plant

Wastewater treatment plant for tanning industries Wastewater treatment plant for tanning industries
There are different types of treatment, one of these is the activated sludge process that uses the principle of self-purification of water, in which microorganisms use the organic matter turning it into sludge.

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