25 Agosto 2019
Roberto lupo deltacque

Roberto lupo deltacque

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İZBAŞ IZMIR, the city's pride wastewater treatment plant

12-07-2019 11:01 Source: gazeteyenigun.com.tr - Depuration news
[DeltAcque impianto Roberto Lupo]
İZBAŞ İzmir is another wastewater treatment plant designed by DeltAcque thanks to which the smell problem was solved.
The İZBAŞ İzmir Free Zone, which has attracted the attention of national and foreign investors with its infrastructure, quality of service, advantages, adequacy of investment cost...

Four Ethiopian Tanneries Upgrade Water Treatment Systems

03-05-2019 10:48 Source: www.laconceria.it, addisfortune.news - Depuration news
[Roberto Lupo deltacque]
DeltAcque is happy to announce that four tanneries operating in Ethiopia, Abyssinia, Awash, Batu and New Wing tanneries, completed the construction of secondary water treatment plants in a bid to bring their discharged effluent up to an environmentally acceptable level. Another three tanneries ar...

Study on the Recycling Technology of Unhairing-Liming and Tanning Wastewater

02-05-2019 10:48 Source: Arsutoria tannery - Depuration news
In the Arsutoria tannery magazine an article was published concerning the study of effluent recycling technology from unhairing-liming and tanning processes, which supports the DeltAcque philosophy. The research was conducted by a group of Chinese researchers and presented at the XXXIV Iultics Co...


26-04-2019 18:08 Source: tannerymagazine.com - Depuration news
[Roberto Lupo deltacque]
Recently, Arsutoria Tannery has published a series of articles that talk about the tanning district of Santa Croce sull'Arno, focusing mainly on the Aquarno purifier with an interview with its Director, on the “Tubone” and “Acqua 360” projects, and finally on the plants sludge treatment.The artic...

News about Acqua 360

26-04-2019 18:02 Source: La Nazione - Depuration news
[Acqua 360, roberto lupo]
The ACQUA 360 research project has finally reached the end of its experimentation phase within the Aquarno purifier and can be progressively extended to the companies in the district.
In the research activities of Acqua 360, in addition to DeltAcque and Aquarno, the Archa laboratories, the Polo Te...

The tanning district of Santa Croce sull'Arno on Rai 1

06-03-2019 11:20 Source: www.gonews.it, www.quinewscuoio.it - Depuration news
The "Petrolio" deepening program on Rai 1 aired a few months ago a report on the tanning district of Santa Croce sull'Arno highlighting the district wastewater treatment system, which has in the connection between Aquarno and Ecoespanso a purification, disposal and treatment system unique in the ...

DeltAcque: the solution to problems integrated with the tanning process

20-02-2019 15:49 Source: Il Tirreno - Depuration news
[DeltAcque's activity Roberto Lupo]
The article published in the local newspaper "Il Tirreno" this morning illustrates DeltAcque's activity in the design and sale of water treatment plants and solid waste both in Italy and abroad.
For over 40 years Roberto Lupo has been proposing integrated systems with tanning production that reduc...

Presentation of the Dafar Plant

07-01-2019 17:35 - Depuration news
The waste water treatment plant of the tannery "Dafar" in Zrenjanin was inaugurated on January 16, 2018 by the President of the Provincial Government Igor Mirović, in the presence of the Mayor of Zrenjanin Cedomir Janjic and the whole society.
The Dafar tannery, owned by Italy and Netherlands, dea...

News about Acqua 360

11-07-2018 11:04 Source: La Nazione - Depuration news
[Acqua 360]
The “Nazione” talks again about DeltAcque and the "Acqua 360" research project. In the local edition of Friday 6 July 2018, the article mentions DeltAcque and its partners "Acqua 360" project (Aquarno, Poteco, Archa Laboratories, San Lorenzo, Settebello, Victoria tanneries) that are experiencing ...

News about Acqua 360

30-03-2018 16:04 Source: La Nazione, Gonews - Depuration news
[Acqua 360 roberto lupo]
The "Tubone" is already a reality with "Acqua 360". Purify and refine civil wastewater for later make them used by tanneries in their working process: this is the activity that "Acqua 360" project is carrying out, which, from the last quarter of 2016, and for all 2018, is experimenting what will ...

News about Acqua 360

08-02-2018 11:22 Source: Il Sole24Ore - Il Tirreno - Depuration news
[Acqua 360 roberto lupo]

Some articles have recently been published, on publications such as Il Sole24Ore and Il Tirreno, wich talk about "Acqua 360" project.

In the two articles, in particular, the characteristics of the new civil waste treatment plant are explained, wich aims to produce useful water for processing in th...

Ethiopia: Biological Effluent Treatment Plant Inaugurated

15-12-2017 12:44 Source: allafrica.com - Depuration news
Ethio-Leather Industry Private Limited Company (ELICO) has made operational a high-tech Biological Effluent Treatment Plant constructed at a cost of over 28 million Birr at the company's premises.
In a field visit organized for journalists held at Abyssinia Tannery, ELICO Manager Mesay Getachew sa...
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