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News about ACQUA 360

12-09-2019 17:34 - Depuration news
On Friday 6th September, 20 chemistry professors had the opportunity to visit the Aquarno plants in Santa Croce sull'Arno.
The group was part of the 90 teachers who from 4th to 7th September participated in the articulated calendar of works promoted within the IV National School of Chemistry at the Cattaneo Institute of San Miniato.
The visit allowed the group to come into direct contact with the daily and planning reality of tanning purification.
The topics addressed during the presentation were the destination of the water recovered from the tanning processes and the eco-compatible potential of the processes linked to the leather supply chain.
Great importance was also given to the research project Acqua 360 with which, at Aquarno plants, civil waste is being reused within the tanning process.
The project involved DeltAcque, PoTeCo, Laboratorio Archa, Depuratore Aquarno and the Sanlorenzo, Settebello and Victoria tanneries.

Source: La Nazione, La Conceria, Gonews

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