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News about ACQUA 360

30-05-2019 18:00 - Depuration news
Acqua 360, DeltAcque
During the episode on 6 May of the TGR Leonardo program, some solutions were presented that arrived from the tanning district of Santa Croce sull'Arno, defined as "brilliant ideas" for their environmental sustainability.
The cameras of the program have focused on the Aquarno purifier and on PoTeCo to tell the latest innovative projects: use of vegetable waste to color the skins, recycling of civil waste water, sugar for tanning.
Andrea Giachi, head of research and development at Aquarno, illustrated the results and perspectives related to the ACQUA 360 project, in which DeltAcque collaborated, for a rational and economic use of water in the tanning process. Acqua 360 provides for the reuse of purified civil waste water in the tannery.
The director of PoTeCo Domenico Castiello has instead explained the projects of recovery and reuse of fruit waste in the coloring processes of the skins.
The achievements of the tanning district were also the subject of the round table "Towards a Circular Economy", held on 2nd May in Florence, as part of the "State of Union" event during which the President of the Tuscany Region Enrico Rossi has talked about the Santa Croce district as a "sustainable / circular economy model for other districts".

Source: TGR Leonardo, www.laconceria.it, www.gonews.it

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