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Waste Water Treatment Plant
[deltacque roberto lupo]
The Deltacque method solves the pollution problem in the effluents, resulting from the civil and industrial production, in a simple and economic way, developing a W.W.T.P. for each situation.
The Deltacque purification system is based on biodynamic principles, fundamentals for the pollutant part d...
Waste Water Recovery Plant
[Roberto Lupo deltacque]
The concept of "recovery" has become more and more concrete, especially in recent years, during which it was necessary to create a valid alternative to the definition of "waste", prompting the inevitable production of waste material, arising from the industrial sector, towards an increasingly val...
Deltacque develops a technical and operational consulting for private companies and public administrations, concerning the water discharge pollution.
Deltacque supplies its assistance to the customers, giving solutions for the waste water treatment, following their technical and economic needs, th...
Sales and Assistance
[Roberto Lupo deltacque]
Deltacque has been cooperating for many years with the most well-known producers of machinery for the water treatment. This cooperation allows Deltacque to supply big and small plants, assuring reliability, efficiency and a guaranteed product during the years.
Deltacque supply a lot of different p...
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