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Workshop Ecuador 2017

11-04-2018 17:13 - Events
Roberto Lupo Workshop about wastewater treatment systems
Roberto Lupo, in the figure of "DELTACQUE", participed to a workshop about wastewater treatement systems in Ecuador. With the patronage of "MINISTERIO AMBIENTAL ECUADOR", "PARQUE NACIONAL LLANGANATES" and "CURTIDORIA TUNGURAHUA", the convention was based on future development and new applications of wastewater treatment systems, both in civil and industrial setting.

Roberto Lupo, en la figura de "DELTACQUE", partecipó a una conferencia técnica sobre plantas de tratamiento de aguas residuales en Ecuador. Con el patrocinio del "MINISTERIO AMBIENTAL ECUADOR", "PARQUE NACIONAL LLANGANATES" y "CURTIDORIA TUNGURAHUA", la conferencia técnica se ha basado en el desarrollo futuro y el nuevo uso de plantas de tratamiento de aguas residuales tanto en áreas civiles como industriales.

Source: Ministerio ambiental Ecuador
video extract of the conference
Watch the video extract of the conference

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